Affordable makeup

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Here are some brands that I like and which are very affordable for makeup lovers


Since it appeared in the market I’m in love with its products. The stores are like little makeup supermarkets where you can find all types of shades, blushes or nail polishes among other things. The best to me: their lipsticks and glosses, the nail polishes with gel effect in coral colours are amazing and the eyeliners.


One of my favourite!  I love the lipstick tones, very moisturising and the pigmented bronzers. I like Red Shine lipstick  as it gives a very natural look with wet effect, it also has SPF 15 and argan oil which help my lips in winter.


Everybody is writing reviews about this brand but it’s for a good reason: quality and price. The eyeshadow palettes are unique, with hundreds of combinations and wearable tones. My number one is the Runway palette, very pigmented and combining matte and glittery shades. I also love the blushes for everyday life and their butter glosses in Tiramisu, Creme Brulé and Peach and Cream.


One of the most affordable brands and at the same time very good quality products. I love its pigmented eyeshadow palettes with multiple combinations. I would definitely recommend it!



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